Kruger Sneak Away 27 February

I try to sneak away to my beloved Kruger at least once a week for 4 – 5 hours (when no guest arrivals are expected , of course. )

This is not about searching the Big 5 or exciting predator sightings because we had ample of those during my time as a freelance Kruger Safari guide before Covid struck.

No , it is rather a humble entry into the mysterious world of the animals , birds , reptiles , insects , trees and grasses and the privilege of observing and enjoying them at my own chilled and unhurried pace.

I normally enter at Phabeni Gate and unpack my modest breakfast at Albasini Ruins where I sigh deeply and say to myself :

“ all is good , you are home where you belong “.

After that I like to slowly cruise along mostly gravel roads with plentiful stops to observe and listen.

On this specific Sunday these three scenes caught my eye :

A super confident zebra stallion standing next to the road directly opposite my car , alternatively staring me down with a bossy determined look in his eyes , and inspecting the oncoming and departing traffic , each time cocking his ears in the relevant direction.

An ellie mom hurriedly chasing her young calf and teenager across an intersection and up the incline , to get them out of possible danger’s way into the safety of the trees on top.

A very alert young impala ram watching the long grass across the gravel road with a look of intense concentration on his face while his herd mates continued undisturbed for quite a while until a great chorus of loud snorting erupted and everybody scattered in all directions. He might very well have spotted a predator long before the others became aware that anything was amiss. We will never know.

And that is the beauty of it.

More next time !